The company KIDIA di Santoro Giancarlo Junior (hereinafter simply Kidia) markets and produces bar equipment. Kidia has established a distance selling network through the website governed by these General Sales Conditions. The Sales Conditions applicable to orders placed through the website are those in force at the time of purchase; however, Kidia reserves the right to update them at any time. Before placing an order, the Customer will be asked to confirm understanding and acceptance of the Sales Conditions in force at the time of order submission. In case of refusal of the Sales Conditions, no product can be ordered from the website. By using the website, individuals are considered to have accepted to be bound by Kidia’s Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these Sales Conditions. WHO CAN MAKE PURCHASES

Only individuals and businesses purchasing for purposes other than resale can place orders on the website; resale of products purchased on the website is strictly prohibited. Among individuals, only those who: (a) have reached the legal age of majority, (b) have the legal capacity to enter into contracts, can make purchases. If you are a minor or otherwise unable, by law, to enter into a contract, a parent or legal guardian must place the order and accept the Sales Conditions on the website Any order placed in contravention of this provision will be void. ARTICLES

Each article is represented by a photograph and is accompanied by a “product sheet” containing the following information: a) brief description, b) available colors and sizes, c) price, d) general description. The general description consists of a brief description that lists some features of the product. Imaginative terms may also be used, but they are not directly referable to the product. The compositions of fabrics and materials are those indicated on the labels of the products for sale. Colors are provided for descriptive purposes only; the reproduction of the color may not be faithful to reality as it depends on various factors: technical factors such as the customer’s video resolution, the difficulty of reproduction due to the material composition of the product, etc. PURCHASE PROCEDURE

If you wish to place orders on the website, the order will be processed as follows. Product Selection For each selected product on the website, a page containing the information referred to in Article 3 will automatically open. Order Confirmation Before proceeding with the purchase of the products, by submitting the order form, the customer will be asked to carefully read these Sales Conditions, print a copy, and store or reproduce it for personal use. The Customer is required to carefully verify all details before proceeding, including, without limitation, the details of each purchase. Personal Information At the time of order completion, the customer will be asked to provide personal information, including shipping address, tax code (if an invoice is required), and payment details. The Customer guarantees that all personal information provided is truthful and correct. Acceptance of Sales Conditions and Privacy After carefully verifying the order and making any necessary modifications and corrections, the customer will be asked to confirm the global and binding acceptance of these Sales Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the website. Once acceptance is expressed, the Customer can proceed with the purchase by clicking the confirmation button, as indicated on the website.


The Customer can choose between the following payment methods: Credit card (Visa or Mastercard, American Express); PayPal; In the case of payment by credit card, financial information (card number, expiration date, CVV) will be transmitted through an encrypted protocol to Banca Carige or other credit institutions providing the related distance payment services. This information will only be used by the Seller to complete the purchase procedures and issue refunds in case of exercising the right of withdrawal. In the case of payment through the PayPal site, the Customer is invited to follow the procedures present on the relevant website. The order form will be stored in the Kidia database for the time necessary to process the orders and in any case within the terms of the law. Order Acceptance The seller reserves the right to refuse the order if the customer has not complied with the purchase procedure, has not accepted the General Sales Conditions, or has not provided all the required data for shipping and billing, or if the payment has not been successful. In case of selection of the Credit Card method, the bank has not authorized the charge to the Customer’s credit card; in case of selection of the PayPal method, the credit has not been credited correctly to the Seller’s account. The total amount includes the sum of the sales prices and shipping costs, depending on the delivery method selected by the Customer and/or indicated on the website. The order may be refused by the Seller if there are disputes between the Seller and the Customer or for any other legitimate reason. Any customs clearance fees are excluded. Product Availability If the items for sale are no longer available or for sale at the time of the last access or are no longer available at the time of order confirmation, the Seller will promptly inform the Customer of the possible unavailability of the ordered products. In case of order confirmation and payment, the seller will refund what has already been paid by the Customer. Order Confirmation By sending the Order Confirmation to the Seller electronically, the customer confirms their purchase and acceptance of these General Sales Conditions. The Order Confirmation will be stored in the Seller’s database for the time necessary to process the orders and in any case within the terms of the law. Order Receipt Notice and Order Confirmation The sale is considered concluded when the Customer receives confirmation from the Seller that their order has been accepted following verification of product availability and payment. SECURITY

Kidia is committed to maximum protection of the Customer’s personal information for the entire online sales process through an SSL encryption system. In any case, the seller cannot be held responsible for damages or losses resulting from the use of the Internet. SHIPPING

Shipping times depend on the carrier with which the purchased goods will be sent and the delivery location. For Italy, delivery is made through the Crono service of Poste Italiane and takes place within 3/4 days for the Standard mode. However, the Seller is not responsible for actual delivery times different from those indicated, although it will take all necessary actions to respect them. In the order confirmation, the Customer expressly accepts the delivery terms provided therein, in derogation from what is provided for by Article 54 of the Consumer Code. Kidia will do everything possible to ensure delivery by the courier within the delivery time specified in the order confirmation. The shipping cost is borne by the Customer and is specified in the order; shipping is free in Italy for carts over €29. The shipping cost is fixed at €4.90. It is possible to ship throughout the national territory. INVOICES

The issuance of the invoice is not mandatory; if not requested by the Customer no later than the moment of the transaction as indicated in the Presidential Decree of 26/10/1972 n. 633 – art.22. Following order processing, Kidia will issue an invoice only to customers who expressly request it in the purchase form. In these cases, the invoice will be delivered via email. If you have a business and need an invoice, send us an email with your details to WARRANTY

The Customer is required to verify the correspondence of the Product received with the order placed. In case the Customer finds that the product does not conform to the order, they must contact Kidia and proceed with the return of the item. Legal guarantees provided by articles 129 and following of the Consumer Code apply to the sale of Products in the case of the purchase of defective products. In the presence of a conformity defect, the Customer has the right, at their choice, to repair or replace the defective goods by the seller, without charge, unless the requested remedy is impossible or excessively burdensome compared to the other. If replacement or repair is not possible, the consumer still has the right to receive an amount commensurate with the value of the asset, against the return of the defective product to the seller. The legal warranty lasts two years from the delivery of the goods and must be exercised by the consumer within two months of discovering the defect. The Seller, upon finding the conformity defect, must carry out the repair or replacement of the goods within a reasonable time from the request and without charge to the consumer. For any complaints, please refer to the procedures set forth in Article 13 of the Consumer Code. COMPLAINTS

If you want to file a complaint with Kidia, please contact our Customer Service using the contact form on our website. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION

These Terms of Service must be interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in Italy and in case of any dispute or claim associated with these Terms of Service, such dispute or claim will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the consumer/user’s residence.

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