Kidia Strainer Barman Geometric Lines

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Product Features:

  • Kidia Strainer Geometric Lines
  • Crafted with high-quality 304 stainless steel
  • Geometric Design: Featuring an ergonomic and intuitive design inspired by the golden ratio in photography
  • Kidia Backpack: Comes with a handy bartender-themed backpack to carry your Kidia equipment wherever you go.
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Kidia Strainer Hawthorne

Kidia strainer geometric lines 10

  • Strainer Barman Kidia Made in Italy:

Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, our Kidia Strainer for bartenders is carefully produced in Italy. Ideal for professional bartenders and mixology enthusiasts, this strainer ensures durability, safety, and reliable performance. It is the perfect addition to your bartender kit, ideal for pairing with a mixing glass and cocktail shaker.

  • Geometric Design:

Featuring an ergonomic and intuitive design inspired by the golden ratio in photography, our Kidia Strainer fits perfectly with shakers and glasses, allowing for quick and secure installation. Smooth handles and balanced weight make it comfortable to grip and handle during use, ensuring effortless and trouble-free cocktail preparation.




  • Colino Barman Coktail Hawthorne

    Our strainer is designed to provide efficient filtering, ensuring that ice, herbs, and fruit remain out of your drinks. This strainer, a Hawthorne Strainer, is composed of a handle and a crown on which a spring is mounted, but there are no tabs. This is because we are talking about a tool used for the Throwing technique.

  • Backpack for your Kidia Strainer Barman

The perfect accessory for any bartender to prepare high-quality cocktails, this strainer is a reliable and versatile choice for any mixology enthusiast. It comes with a convenient Bartender-themed backpack to carry your Kidia equipment wherever you go.




mixing glass barman

  • Purchase it with our Mixing Glass

Mixing glass and strainer have always been the perfect pair. Why not add our mixing glass to your order?

Capacity: The mixing glass has a capacity of 21 oz (621 ml), ideal for preparing one or more cocktails at once, an essential item for every bartender’s toolkit.

Double wall: All mixing glasses with a double cooling wall are defined as “double wall.” In addition to being a synonym for quality, this feature of the double wall helps maintain the temperature optimally during mixing.

Wooden case: It comes with its wooden case with a small hole on the side. If you have a smoker, you can use it to smoke your cocktails and surprise your customers.


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