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We are an Italian brand, born from an idea of ​​a group of friends and colleagues who, like you, share the passion of the bar. The word ‘Melo-dia’ inspired us for the choice of our name, that melody that is created during the preparation of a drink, the tinkling of ice in the glass, the muffled sound of a shaker, a mix of aromas and emotions essential for the preparation of a cocktail. After many drinks and laughs, especially drinks, Kidia is born.

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Excellent bar tools, of excellent workmanship, balanced and precise to the milliliter. Excellent quality-price ratio and lightning-fast assistance. A must-have in your bar.

Gianfranco Azzarone

Bar Manager Casa Dante – Roma

The Kidia products are excellent, very resistant and lightweight material. The elegance is top-notch; I’ve tried all the bar spoons, all excellent, the lightness is impressive. Elegant and comfortable jiggers. The latest arrivals are the metal pours, very easy to clean (they also go in the dishwasher without any issues). Excellent customer service! From today ONLY KIDIA.

Antonio Ferrara

Bar Manager Aman - Venice

I’ve been working with Kidia tools for years now and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world! In addition to their beauty and aesthetic elegance, they are extremely comfortable and functional. Both the jiggers and the spoons are balanced and have the right weight—not too light, but not excessively heavy—and moreover, they are extremely resistant! I always recommend them to anyone who wants to work with both elegance and comfort!

Manfredi Samperi

Owner at SettantaSette

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